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At times we have adults for sale, this is only to keep our breeding crew very small to ensure they are given the time and energy that is needed to keep them at their best. Normally they are sold for $350-400 to cover the cost of their neuter/spay, shots, and checkup, and small adoption fee prior to leaving us. All of them will be house trained to a doggie door and some of them will be trained to keep you warm at night. All will be able to enjoy car rides, outings, cats, children of any age and toys.

NO AKC paperwork will ever be given. Please do not ask to have them neutered or spayed yourself. We provide this to ensure there is no unethical breeding that could possibly take place.




 I get many applications and emails daily for  my adult schnauzers that are not for sale, and at times I do have some for sale, but its far and few in between. So I found a wonderful woman and her beautiful Darly Anna , that can help you find that schnauzer that you are seeking to feel that void you are missing

 Angela works as a volunteer for Schnauzer Love Rescue and states that  "our rescue only operates and adopts out in 5 southern states where we have reps.  All 3 rescues I have been involved with put it in the adoption contract that our rescues must come back to us!". If anyone is interested in helping Angela and her peers find loving homes for any of these beautiful schnauzers please contact Schnauzer Love Rescue. Darly Anna is not for sale, but I am sure Angela can help find that perfect schnauzer for you.  



  Darly Anna, thanks Angela for allowing me to use her picture for our website. 


  Here is another great lady that rescues some beautiful adults and at times puppies. For a small adoption fee she can help you find the true love of your life. 


  • Karen stated this in a email dated August 8, 2011..... I have a perfect 8 yr old female S&P Bella. She is house, crate and leash trained. She was surrendered to a shelter in S. Alabama due to death of her owner. She is sweet and loving. Weighs about 22lbs. She was nearly 28lbs when we got her and we have knocked off the excess weight. She would be perfect for an older person. She is gentle and obedient.


Schnauzer Savers Rescue of W. Tn, Bethel Springs TN 731 439 1731